Our experienced counselors provide a safe and encouraging environment to help teens through difficult life transitions.

Adolescent Counseling

Adolescence is an exciting time and ripe with possibilities. For some the process goes smoothly. For others, the pursuit for independence can lead to turbulent and emotional times for the young person and strained relationships with their families. This emerging adult often becomes less connected to family and more invested in peer relationships. Parents move from close and caring parenting to the role of the restraining force to keep their child from veering into danger.

At APC, our counselors are equipped to come alongside teens and their parents. Our goal is to help the young person as they grow in their ability to make decisions. We recognize that adolescents are presented with a myriad of options and challenges as they sort out their peer and family relationships, their academic responsibilities, and their entertainment and recreational options.

We also know that parents often struggle to move from making all the decisions to care for their young children to the role of caring and invested consultant to this young adult. At APC our counselors desire to coach and assist parents in this effort.